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PolyCom Stabilising Aid - Road Maintenance

Australian Made/Manufactured
Water Efficient
Non-toxic Content
PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an environmentally compliant road stabilising agent that enables Councils and road crews to build stronger, more resilient road pavement or sub-grade using the region’s naturally occurring materials. As non-renewable quarry resources become scarce and unaffordable, PolyCom provides an alternative and a responsible approach to road maintenance that is financially, environmentally and socially sustainable. PolyCom is a granular product packaged in 2kg bottles. PolyCom is a specially formulated polymer binder that meets the specific requirements of road maintenance and construction. The product is OHS and environment compliant and does not leech into stormwater catchments. PolyCom is non-toxic and used for the construction and maintenance of sealed and unsealed roads, road shoulders, airstrips and earthworks in general. The use of PolyCom allows road makers to recycle and use the existing road materials, lessening the need for quarry materials, truck trips and water, whilst reducing CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. A cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional road maintenance treatments, PolyCom creates a stronger, longer lasting pavement. Engineers and works officers in local government and other road agencies around Australia are specifying PolyCom Stabilising Aid for a number of reasons:
 - Direct cost benefits – Over 70% cost reduction by using PolyCom Stabilising Aid - Direct environmental benefits – 90% carbon emissions reductions - Decreased water requirements – up to 80% Reduced disruption to traffic and reduced maintenance grading for the PolyCom treated roads and adjacent roads, increased resistance to rain events, resulting in less complaints from ratepayers and road users. When Councils incorporate PolyCom into their road management plans, many report a significant reduction in ongoing maintenance requirements such as grading and gravel re-sheeting. The state of Victoria alone has approximately 75,000km of unsealed roads. The traditional method of maintaining these roads is re-sheeting, ie importing scarce raw quarry materials. If just 100km of roads are treated with PolyCom annually, rather than re-sheeting, approximately 90,000 tonnes (90,000,000kg) of rock would NOT need to be quarried, processed and transported to site. This is the equivalent of 3,600 heavy truck trips removed from existing roads. This single factor alone will reduce road wear significantly. CO2-e emissions savings would amount to 642 tonnes. This prevents the financial and environmental expense of winning and hauling new quarry materials to site, plus the time and resources to maintain the road. Benefits of PolyCom Stabilising Aid: PolyCom treated roads to better withstand water and traffic erosion. In many cases re-sheeting can be eliminated. Trucking in material is heavily reduced therefore reducing cartage cost, drag out and further damage to surrounding roads that might then need more maintenance. PolyCom is environment and OHS compliant (MSDS available on request) For over 15 years Earthco Projects, the distributor of PolyCom Stabilising Aid in NSW, VIC and TAS has been working closely with councils and civil contractors to turn their road maintenance into a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Proud winners of the Banksia Award and Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Award. Find out more about this award winning road maintenance alternative at